Summer Olympics

Installed 1,000 units of hand-wash machines in the Olympic London Stadium, UK. The London 2012 Olympic hold 80,000 for the Olympics & the Paralympics.

First World Hotel

First World Hotel - Tower 3, Genting, Malaysia. 1,286 rooms, which is 6X larger than an ordinary hotel, perched on the peak of Mount Ulu Kali at 1,800 meters high. A safem with consistent output, failure-proof and environmentally friendly heat pump system that generates 158,225 m³ of hot water supply.

Largest Renewable

Winner of Malaysia Book of Records Award - the Largest Renewable Energy Hot Water System.

INTRIX, together with Genting First World Hotel, holds a place in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Largest Renewable Energy Hot Water System.

Signify X Intrix

INTRIX, one of the Malaysia's Top Tech-Innovative Pioneers and Signify, the world's leading lighting company have come together to deliver greater technology and services to keep out communities and living spaces safe.

Utusan Malaysia
(24th June 2021)
Pili air panas buatan tempatan, mudahkan isi rumah 

Kumpulan INTRIX, salah satu syarikat teknologi hidro dan termal terkemuka di dunia, mengumumkan pelancaran segmen pengguna merreka, Intrix Lifestyle dengan pili air tulen pana segera pertama di Malaysia, INTRIX Reinz Plus.

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(25th June 2021)

Proudly Malaysian designed and made, the INTRIX Reinz Plus is thoughtfully packed with innovation, including the use of their patented titanium inner core; this unit sits under the counter which frees up valuable space on the kitchen countertop.

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Forget about kettles! Malaysia levels up with Hot Water on Tap!

INTRIX Group, one of the top hydro and thermal technology companies worldwide, announced the launched of their consumer segment, Intrix Lifestyle with Malaysia's first instant purified boiling water tap. INTRIX Reinz Plus, an instant boiling hot or ambient purified water all in one tap that simplify your lifestyle countertop.

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