Motherhood is a story you live no matter what the genre or outcomes. You live for your child, wish and do the best for them, hoping and believing in the best. Listen to some mothers tell their stories…

I really am committed to breast-feeding my baby, and even after 3 months of enduring the hectic baby feeding routine, I still get up to nurse my baby or pump milk into feeding bottles every 3 or 4 hours. It"s hard to keep my eyes open as I wait for bottles to be sterilized or warmed. I feel the strain, and I am losing sleep...but my baby deserves all I can give him. He deserves the best...but I sometimes wonder if I can be the best for him…” - Stella, 31

Our daughter is fed 10-12 times a day with breast-milk or infant formula.  I cant lactate consistently and when I do, I spend time storing my milk for my daughter.  My husband is so supportive and helps me with sterilizing the many bottles in our messy kitchen, and meeting the demands of our hungry baby...we are juggling everything as best we can, but we just dont have time for each other and ourselves like before.  They did say parenting is a sacrifice...and I guess we are learning what that is...its just that, well...were so tired all the time!” - Jen & Troy, 37

When I gave up breast-feeding and turned to infant formula, I thought it would be the solution for me and my 4-month-old twin boys.  I struggle with getting them fed while having to care for my energetic 5-year-old girl.  Some people think Im crazy to have 3 kids, but I love them and would do anything to make them smile and laugh...even though sometimes Im struggling inside.  I think of my own mom a lot and wonder how she managed the 5 of us those days!” - Farah, 33

Mothers, though they seem like superheroes, are really just very wonderful humans, with frailties and insecurities.  In this day and age, we try and find solutions to make life easier.  Reinz Instant Boiling Water Tap is that one such solution-with running hot purified water from your kitchen tap! Hear how they have been helped...

I never have to wait for the kettle to boil and everything is prepared so quickly that I can afford

 more sleep and personal time with my son! Hurray for free-flowing hot water with one turn of a knob!” - Stella, 31

Our kitchen is spic and span now because we have room on our counter-top thanks to Reinzs hidden fixture feature! Having running boiling water has made such a huge difference in our lives. Now we dont feel exhausted all the time, as caring for baby feeding is twice as fast and easy now! We are finding all kinds of simplicity from effortless, greaseless washing-up to easy and quick meal and beverage prep!  What a perfect fit this is for us!” -Jen & Troy, 37

I dont feel guilty anymore about being too tired, because now I have help! Though Im not as tough as my mom, I can use modern solutions like Reinz for modern problems today.  With an advanced child lock safety feature, I dont have to fear. I feel assured that I am able to maintain high levels of hygiene as well as be sure of a contaminant-free environment for my children.  Milk prep and sterilizing bottles is not even a worry anymore and I can use time saved for self-care and enjoying time with my children! - Farah, 33

What’s your motherhood story?  If you feel you’re losing the plot, Reinz is the solution you need  Rewrite your story with Reinz!

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